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UI Improvements: Keyboard Shortcuts and Better Accessibility

The Synsh UI has been updated to add keyboard shortcuts and improve overall accessibility.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now use the keyboard to jump directly to the example input and output textboxes, as well as to create links and copy the output pipeline. Each textbox or button’s access key is indicated by an underlined letter. For example, the “Copy” button can be activated by pressing “C” and your browser’s access key modifier. In Chrome on MacOS, that means pressing Ctrl + ⌥ Opt + C.

Larger Click Targets for Textboxes

You can now click on the header above the input, output, and pipeline textboxes to focus the textbox under the header.

Better Screenreader Navigation

UI elements now have screenreader-accessible labels, allowing screenreaders to provide better feedback to users as they navigate the page.

Higher Contrast

We raised the contrast in the UI, improving legibility.

More-Compact Layout

Finally, the amount of whitespace on the page has been lowered. This allows more of the UI to fit on small screens.